The Village Movement: Revolutionizing The Experience Of Aging In California — June 6, 2018

When we unite as peers, we create a purposeful and powerful space for learning, laughter and courage as we take on the future. Villages are nonprofit membership organizations that connect older adults to the community, programming and expertise they need to continue living lives of purpose and meaning. They are led by members who share their skills, experience and support with each other to navigate the challenges and opportunities of aging. Learn how three Bay Area villages are creating new possibilities for what’s next as we age.

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Reimagine End of Life —  April 16-22, 2018

Our City is coming alive this week with deep conversations and entertainment about living and dying well. Check it out:

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AHWGO @ Rhoda Goldman Plaza —  April 5, 2018

Insider Voices:

  • Sharing Different Paths Taken, Lessons Learned and Questions Unanswered
  • Four Women – Four Voices
  • Moderator: Beth MacLeod, LCSW

Four panelists, women from the 6th to 9th decade of life will describe, reflect on and discuss their personal paths through this stage of life.

Over the last years we have listened to many experts in the field of aging. It is time to bring on ‘insiders’, to learn from first-hand experiences about the work it takes to become “at home with growing older,” and reflect about similarities across life stages. It was anthropologist Mary Catherine who stated, “the fruit of continuing reflection on encounters over time, …drawing connections and finding similarities, looking for underlying patterns…a process rather than a possession…”

Join us for this evening of reflection and discussion over wonderful food thanks to sponsor Rhoda Goldman Plaza.

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