What’s Portico all About?

Portico is about you, your family and achieving your retirement dream. Portico offers you the tools, information and network of experts to help you reach your financial goals and achieve financial security through proactive retirement planning. Portico is here to help you feel confident and secure knowing you have everything you need financially to lead a fulfilling, happy and healthy life as you move into your retirement years.

Ask yourself…

Would a properly planned and structured real estate investment/divestment strategy help your family feel secure about its financial future?

Do the rising costs of healthcare and housing cause you stress and worry when you look toward the future?

Are you overwhelmed by the size of your home, but confused about the pros and cons of staying in or selling what may be your biggest retirement asset?

Have you been worried about finding a retirement community for your elderly parents, or how you will pay for your housing in your latter years?

Could having a team of retirement and financial experts at your fingertips improve your confidence about your retirement planning strategy?

Will you be prepared to enjoy your retirement years, the way YOU want to live them?

Take a look at that last question again. Are you and your loved ones ready to live life on your terms the way you envision it? With forethought in our financial and health planning, our latter years can be just as fulfilling as the first half of our lives. Portico will show you how to use real estate as the vehicle to reach your financial and retirement goals and improve your quality of life during these years.

I can help you sell your home and downsize into a retirement community. I can help you find and purchase San Francisco investment property in preparation of your retirement. I can help you secure your financial future and live your retirement years to the fullest with the maximization of your real estate holdings.

But Portico is about much more than real estate. It is about sharing a broader vision of the process of aging and access to all the information, tools and experts needed to approach retirement proactively and reach your life-goals. My network includes legal and financial experts in living trusts, reverse mortgages, taxation and financial planning. I also connect clients with specialists in fields like home-care, contractors to make the home safer and technology for monitoring health conditions.

It would be my pleasure to help you and your loved ones. Please do not hesitate to contact me to learn how. We can do this…together.

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